About Us

PNB Print has advanced technical and technological capabilities to bring the production of printed materials to a whole new level.
We effectively turn publishers’ ideas into stunning books of all shapes and sizes.

Modern production process with innovative solutions allows us to fulfill almost any requirement with maximum efficiency, within a short time, at a reasonable price. The entire production process is carried out in-house at our facilities and is strictly controlled by modern, automatized quality control systems, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard.

The main asset of our company is people – possessing vast experience, highly qualified and always ready to help the client find the best solution. Our clients always receive individual approach and support – from the moment they place an order until they receive the product. Communication can be carried out in different languages.

Our Responsibility

We organize production processes in a way that respects people and the environment.
Our commitment to protecting the environment goes beyond standard regulations, such as tracing the origins of paper and waste disposal.

We pay particular attention to the training of our colleagues in the framework of continuous education programs and have obtained the following certificates:

About The Future

At PNB print, you will find values of traditional products that have entered a new era of digital technology. It has been predicting the end of the printed word, but our experience suggests that we are just opening a new chapter in the history of printing. And that is the chapter on excellent new technical solutions, new inter-cultural relations, and connections. So the history of print continues with a new leap of possibilities.