About Us

PNB Print has advanced technical and technological capabilities to bring production of the Web heatset and sheetfed printed materials to a whole new level.
We turn publishers’ ideas into stunning books and magazines of all shapes and sizes effectively.

Modern production process with innovative solutions allows us to fulfil almost any requirement with maximum efficiency, within a short time, at a reasonable price. The entire production process is carried out in-house at our facilities and is strictly controlled by modern, automatized quality control systems, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard.

The main asset of our company is our people – possessing vast experience, are highly qualified and always ready to help the client find the best solution. Our clients always receive individual approaches and support – from placing the order until receiving the product. Communication can be carried out in different languages.

The company is ISO 9001, 14001, FSC, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Climatecalc, SMETA/SEDEX, and Ecovadis certified. Turnover (2022) – 23 million EUR. The main markets for sales are Germany, Denmark, Norway, UK, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Baltic States.

Our Commitment to Responsibility

At our organization, we prioritize responsible production processes that prioritize both people and the environment. We go above and beyond standard regulations to ensure the protection of the environment, including thorough tracing of paper origins and responsible waste disposal.

Our dedication to responsibility also extends to the ongoing education and training of our colleagues. Through continuous education programs, we place a strong emphasis on the development and growth of our team. As a result, we have achieved several certifications, including:

Welcome to the Future of Printing in Latvia.

At PNB Print, we pride ourselves on blending the timeless values of traditional printed products with the latest in digital technology. While many have predicted the demise of the printed word, our experience has taught us that we are actually entering an exciting new chapter in the history of printing. This is a chapter that includes innovative new technical solutions, vibrant intercultural relations, and enhanced connections.

As we embark on this new era, we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the printing industry in Latvia. We believe that the future of print is full of endless possibilities, and we are excited to help our clients discover them. Join us as we embrace the latest advancements and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of printing.