About us

PNB Print is one of  leading magazine and book printing house in Latvia with 220 employees.The company has operations in 6 European countries and a total annual turnover equivalent to 20Mil Euro. We have the capacity and know-how to produce everything from really huge jobs, such as the Jysk Catalogue, to significantly smaller productions, such as the non-profit magazine.

We care about our book production, starting from very hard jobs as words fomous painters, till every day scool books.

Our employees have very sound and extensive graphics know-how, which we are happy to share with our collaborative partners. We strive to focus on the customer, and to find the solutions that will be most effective in terms of both cost and in creating contact.

We also maintain a very strong focus on environmental issues. Producing printed matter at PBN Print in Latvia can result in up to 90% lower impact in terms of fossil CO2 than using a printing house in central Europe. We are convinced that this will be a major factor for our customers in the future.